It Happened

So it’s been a minute since I did one of these and to be honest ALOT has happened but ALOT hasn’t happened.

Like for instants we are still in Lockdown but the Kids go back to School on Monday YAAAAAAY. This is slightly bitter sweet for as My eldest had to go back 2 week ago (I’ll explain further on) and my Youngest hasn’t NOT been in nursery the entire time but I will explain what I meant by “ALOT”

Soooo I have been doing Uni full time from home whilst trying to homeschool my very defiant 7 year old Diva whilst dealing with some head stuff whilst also being taunted by my Abusive Messy House so as you can imagine I went POP.

Now pop for you may mean you shout or cry and retreat to your bed for several days with the contents of your fridge and re-start Netflix for the 18th Time…but POP for me meant I began to have what I call an episode.

My Anxiety takes on its Own Voice during my episode which is actually very intrusive and shouty. The Voice is a man and he doesn’t have a name but he likes to become my flight in the Fight or Flight reaction that I get when things start to get overwhelming or stressful. He basically tells me to Walk and not stop for anything….

This can become quite dangerous as I won’t stop for traffic or people or cliffs for that matter (although I live in a town in Lancashire and haven’t seen a Cliff in a while) so as per my previous “episodes” if I have one of these types of reactions I must go to A&E.

So off I went to COVID Hospital to try and explain to several people what was happening and why…I actually wrote them a Note as by now I had started to not know what was real and what I thought was a dream..FUN

The room they put you in to keep you “SAFE” in A&E
Rapid COVID Test.

Fast Forward 9 Hours 1 cup of tea, 2 pieces of toast and a chat with 2 triage nurses, a COVID test,a social worker, some new medication, a MH person and a very chatty Taxi Driver who did not know where he was taking me. I was sent to a mental health respite care home. (FYI: COVID Test Negative)

My Room in respite was bigger than my living room & kitchen combined

Next Post Coming Soon: My Week in respite

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