It Happened

So it’s been a minute since I did one of these and to be honest ALOT has happened but ALOT hasn’t happened. Like for instants we are still in Lockdown but the Kids go back to School on Monday YAAAAAAY. This is slightly bitter sweet for as My eldest had to go back 2 weekContinue reading “It Happened”

Shoes Make Me Happy

I was talking to the Co-Parent the other night about how the girls needed new shoes and that I will take the oldest shopping for some that week. “I need some boots…I don’t have many shoes” He laughed and said I have too many shoes which I had honestly not taken into account how manyContinue reading “Shoes Make Me Happy”

What to wear…the morning debate..wardrobe anxiety

I did something I wouldn’t normally do this morning…..I chose what to wear based on what I wanted to wear…? I didn’t look up any trends, (wrong for a fashion student I know) I didn’t pull 10 things out and put together pretend me on the unmade bed, I also didn’t put on something andContinue reading “What to wear…the morning debate..wardrobe anxiety”

The Importance of New Pyjamas…

I recently offloaded some of my preloved baby essentials to a close friend who’s a First Time Mum (Cot, HighChair, Baby Gate ect). Amongst these larger items was a bag of baby Clothes that where still the colour they started off as so I knew they would be well received. As someone who really struggledContinue reading “The Importance of New Pyjamas…”

Fashion Student – The Covid Year

Last week saw my second year of Uni begin and the next chapter of my Fashion Degree Unfold into what can only be described as The Year That Hasn’t been. With 75% of my University Course now presented in the comfort of my home VIA Zoom I really do have empathy for those on aContinue reading “Fashion Student – The Covid Year”

Back To School

After months of lie-ins, PJ days, Netflix watching and binge eating the has finally come when my eldest goes back to school…(my toddler goes to a private nursery that never closed woohoo) It was exciting but scary..the best bit was shopping for new School Supplies….UNIFORM!!! But of course the retail world has changed dramatically sinceContinue reading “Back To School”

Coming Out Of The Tunnel

So as we are ‘technically’ done with Lockdown and are coming out of the other end of this madness..I have a few questions on my mind. What is the future of Clothes? I’m beginning to regret my Choice of Degree and starting to worry that my vacation and career choice won’t be their once I’mContinue reading “Coming Out Of The Tunnel”

The World has Gone BRAZY

So I’m organising a small gathering of the WAI (Women’s Anxiety Institute) and tried to order a few bits from Ocado…no delivery till Wednesday…FUCK Next I try and Order the same Bits (minus a few things) from Tesco…No delivery Till Tuesday…FUCK Tried Asda……Sunday…..DOUBLE FUCK Went to Aldi to watch some grown ass women argue overContinue reading “The World has Gone BRAZY”

Are Shoes Helping My Anxiety?

My EBay habit seems to be swaying towards Shoes these Days, maybe it’s because when I was a kid my Nan (I grew up with my Paternal Nan) couldn’t afford really cool shoes and would buy my Trainers from the Catalogue on Special occasions so she could pay em off weekly. Shoes (like handbags) canContinue reading “Are Shoes Helping My Anxiety?”

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