Are Shoes Helping My Anxiety?

My EBay habit seems to be swaying towards Shoes these Days, maybe it’s because when I was a kid my Nan (I grew up with my Paternal Nan) couldn’t afford really cool shoes and would buy my Trainers from the Catalogue on Special occasions so she could pay em off weekly.

Shoes (like handbags) can be a great investment if you are willing to spend the money for a good pair. I have begun to search for Vintage and Sale Shoes that I can keep in bags and pass on for a tidy sum in a later life.

My Pure Leather Gucci Boots are one of the pair I had to have once I saw one of my closest friends wearing a pair. What most women don’t realise or they do but don’t speak it aloud is that these beautiful supple Leather crafted Boots are made for the more slender of leg and not of those with a wider calf span.

So this brings me into my Next Tip: Find Yourself a Good Cobbler, mine is called Dave and he is an independent Business Owned Cobbler (don’t go to Timpsons) and has experience in Leather and High Quality Stitching. I think me crying on his floor “Please don’t break my babies” gave him enough incentive.

If you are wondering what he did in the end he put me a whole new panel in so I could zip them up the man is a genius and i would never go anywhere else

I also have a Pair of Vintage Manolo Blahnik leopard print boots in their original dust bag that I managed to win on EBay for less than Β£100….I still can’t bring myself to wear them.

My Blue Bailey Ugg Boots I have had for over a year (bought for Β£48 second hand) and I practically live in them in the winter months but as much as they are called Snow Boots they have ironically have caused me to fall over in Icy Conditions more than any other Boots iv owned.

As I have gotten wiser (older) I now usually choose Function over Fashion for my Footwear when I can manage to leave the house and be amongst the Normals but it doesn’t mean I have to compromise with Quality and have replaced My Cheap Heels with Expensive Low heeled boots or I will style my outfit with a Timberland Boot or Rocket Dog Brogue.

I still have shoes that I cannot dare to part with or haven’t Evan worn and I also have my list of shoes I still want including Jimmy Choos and Christian Louboutin Red Soles…but I will also try to get them at the best price and in the best quality I can.


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