The World has Gone BRAZY

So I’m organising a small gathering of the WAI (Women’s Anxiety Institute) and tried to order a few bits from Ocado…no delivery till Wednesday…FUCK

Next I try and Order the same Bits (minus a few things) from Tesco…No delivery Till Tuesday…FUCK

Tried Asda……Sunday…..DOUBLE FUCK

Went to Aldi to watch some grown ass women argue over Pasta and toilet roll and nappies….what meals are these people making….

You will be pleased to know I got the bits I needed with a few Menu Changes…now I hate having any kind of social interaction with anyone in the most normal of times…but seriously WTF why why why

I now have to cook things I could of bought ready made as I had a menu of nibbles and I can’t be bothered changing the menu.

People with normal anxiety panic Buying…it’s a good job I don’t have any type of germ anxiety…but I do have friends that do…

STOP BEING BRAY BRAY and leave us some Pasta bitches…

On a more fashionable note I wonder if you can buy customer designer masks for this..I’m calling it the Corona Virus look 2020b

#coronavirus #dressforyou #selfisolate #brazy

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