Back To School

After months of lie-ins, PJ days, Netflix watching and binge eating the has finally come when my eldest goes back to school…(my toddler goes to a private nursery that never closed woohoo)

It was exciting but scary..the best bit was shopping for new School Supplies….UNIFORM!!!

But of course the retail world has changed dramatically since March when we all got Grounded by BORIS 😷 and I knew this year would be interesting to observe how Panic Buy School mums would react to the new regime.

I am obviously one of those mums…first Stop Uniform which I had to make an appointment at the shop to purchase a small tiny cardigan for a mini Diva (who changes her Outfit more in an hour than A Catwalk Model)…well…I fell at the first hurdle and decided I wasn’t gonna rush my 50% off McDonald’s for a Cardigan that would end up getting lost or flung around a playground, or covered in paint/glue/blood….so I missed my window for that…Next was Trainers…NOPE…sold out of every kids size 10 trainer in every shop (that I didn’t have to que for or take out a small mortgage to buy) FUMING isn’t the word..though I did manage a nice pink school coat in JD that she chose herself as long as she could buy the CROP TOP that matched it?????

I got royally shafted for a school bag in SMIGGLE which cost me £50 but I got a free lunch bag..??? (FYI I don’t think it was free) and then moved on the our final wall to climb…The School Shoes…😳

So I made an online appointment at Clark’s and after the trainer fiasco I was worried but I let Diva take the lead….so we go to the shop and still had to que outside (10mins most) which by the look of the parents in the que who didn’t book was the most parent smug I had been all day.

Well…Clark’s sort of saved the Day…shoes (several options which Diva chose herself) pumps (she will prob wear them 10 times) and Trainers…not really the trainers I would of chose but hey the woman can talk a 6 year old into believing they are Elsa Trainers as they were silver with sparkles on…I can’t remember the ladies name at the Bolton Store but from the bottom of this tired parents sore feet…..THANKYOU.

I know people give Clark’s a lot of grief for how expensive it is…but I always tell parents that the quality speaks for itself..well made and good fitting shoes for feet that are still growing…and they basically give your kid abit of control and choice for them self’s….but No love I don’t want half price women’s shoes Iv just spent £80…guess it’s a pasty and the bus home for us now….#poorparents #humour #backtoschool

Ended up using last years Cardigan..but short on the arms but it will do for now 🤣

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