Fashion Student – The Covid Year

Last week saw my second year of Uni begin and the next chapter of my Fashion Degree Unfold into what can only be described as The Year That Hasn’t been.

With 75% of my University Course now presented in the comfort of my home VIA Zoom I really do have empathy for those on a creative course who don’t have that mindset and headspace to be spoken at and not have as much of that hands on approach we are all in love with.

During my 1st year I had just overcome serious Mental Setbacks and was battling agoraphobia so to come from a place in which I had just been able to leave the house to being thrust into a world in which I was now not allowed to leave my house you can imagine the confusion and adaptability I had to adhere.

Zoom Lecture

My Tutors have been great during this Change in learning lifestyle and have been such a lifeline of support and we forget they are also creatives who are adapting to this alien style of teaching and would also prefer to be a more hands on support but are playing the hand they are dealt at the moment and I really do commend them during this troubled time.

I will be filming my next Entry this week to show you how Life on Campus has Changed for students at my University.

Working on a Summer Project/Home Learning

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