Shoes Make Me Happy

I was talking to the Co-Parent the other night about how the girls needed new shoes and that I will take the oldest shopping for some that week.

“I need some boots…I don’t have many shoes”

He laughed and said I have too many shoes which I had honestly not taken into account how many I had until I started to list what each pair was and then I begun to think about how each pair made me feel.

Ugg Boots – Comfy, slip on, warm and cosy, remind me of winter, make me feel safe

Gucci Boots – sleek, soft leather, fitted, sexy and powerful

Vintage Manolo Blahnik Ankle Boots – stylish, confident, classy, ready to work

Adidas Running Shoes – relaxed, energetic, comfortable but active

I have many more of course, some I have worn only a handful of time, some that I call my sit down shoes as they can be worn only for a short time before I want to cut my toes off and of course my go to nipping out to pick the kids up pair.

What I did realise though, is that I may not of remembered each and every one of those pairs but I can remember each feeling or emotion that those Heels, Soles and Toes made me feel.

I guess I can now justify my 64 pairs of shoes now as happy or a sad pair and maybe one day I will get that Shoe Closet like Carrie Bradshaw but I don’t think my Co-parent would agree.

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