What to wear…the morning debate..wardrobe anxiety

I did something I wouldn’t normally do this morning…..I chose what to wear based on what I wanted to wear…?

I didn’t look up any trends, (wrong for a fashion student I know) I didn’t pull 10 things out and put together pretend me on the unmade bed,

I also didn’t put on something and then take it off to finally put the first outfit back on because it caused the least offence in my head…or to others.

I pulled out the T-shirt I wanted, the shorts I knew id put in the drawer clean (don’t you just love it when you know you have clean clothes in the correct place) I even had a Matching Pair of socks in my bedside table..this was a sign, and my Calvin Klein Undies where folded and ready for me.

“A bit of a back story on my pants. I bought them on sale at Calvin Klein with Student Discount on top and was sure I’d bagged a bargain. The day they arrived was a joyous occasion..I opened the perfect packages (pardon the pun) and they had a bulge in the crotch. I had bought men’s briefs. Oh how we laughed..well I was alone so I laughed then cried a little as I couldn’t even get pants correct that day” #readthedescription

All the correct clothing was in place although I throw a pair of Pink leggings that I would NEVER wear alone under my shorts and a pink blazer than I actually believed in my head was the same shade of pink as the leggings (IT WASNT) but I didn’t care.

I packed my Uni Bags and jumped in that Taxi happy and content with my outfit..and that’s where I am writing this currently.

….5 hours later….

My outfit was described as looking comfortable and ready for action so that is my mantra for today..I keep telling myself that I should dress for myself and not other but I think that is one life lesson I will be in constant battle with.

Anxiety around what to wear I think could stem from school and having to have the right footwear or the on trend bag or you would be scared of ridicule.

So why at the age of 34 do I still seek peer approval and does being a fashion student come with some sort of style responsibility and does having this title make people look to you for guidance.

It’s definitely a trademark title that I’m not sure I want to be held accountable for…I can’t even buy the right gender underwear..not that I think underwear should be gendered…I just didn’t have the equipment to fill that space.

2 thoughts on “What to wear…the morning debate..wardrobe anxiety

  1. Love you blog. I relate to you writing so much. New PJs are the best and a good way to avoid that getting dresses anxiety 🤣. I’m awful when I need to go anywhere other than walk the dog. Its takes me 3 outfits at least, I’m always worrying what others will think. Even in the Alt world you be not alt enough to some people. Fashion is a mind feild. I cant wait to see what your first fashion line looks like. Keep writing and I will keep reading. 💕

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  2. Very interesting and thought-provoking article. I’m 69 now and still have anxiety about what to wear. Do you think that, on the whole, this is just a female thing? I don’t think it affects many men in this way and certainly does not affect my husband at all. So sorry to hear about the Calvin Kleins, always read the small print 😂

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