The Importance of New Pyjamas…

I recently offloaded some of my preloved baby essentials to a close friend who’s a First Time Mum (Cot, HighChair, Baby Gate ect). Amongst these larger items was a bag of baby Clothes that where still the colour they started off as so I knew they would be well received.

As someone who really struggled the second time around with newborn motherhood and having Depression and Anxiety Disorder I knew how Lonely but consuming that time can be.

Something that many people really enjoy is the feeling of new Pyjamas. And this takes me back to the bag of Baby clothes. I knew my friend had been struggling with newborn baby lockdown/Isolation sadness and it’s bad enough without having Soft Play and Mother and Baby Groups not on offer to make us get out of our Pyjamas and leave the house.

So in that Bag of old preloved baby clothes I put a brand new pair of Fluffy Pyjamas. I had bought some myself the day before and remembered how excited I was to get home and get them on.

I wouldn’t have to dig through the piled up washing basket, or have to rummage on the floor sniffing clothes to see which I can get away with another night. I could just get home and put them on and be ready to deal with the evenings events.

The gift of Comfort was well received and she sent me a message the next day to say she was NEVER taking them off and that she was usually a Nighty person but the Purple Leopard Print Fleeced Twosie had done it’s job and I was happy that I could help.

It’s amazing how clothes can make us feel..but one thing I can confirm is that new Pyjamas beats them all hands down….zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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